Studio : SLOT

Our Culture

To connect

SLOT is an active and interdisciplinary architectural design studio. People from diverse professional disciplines contribute to this project.

Our work has reached a profound understanding of the human needs, enabling us to intertwine the constructive and philosophical sides of building.

As architects, we push design to its ultimate material consequences and aim for cultural connectivity: sense of usability, mathematics of space and a wide aesthetic research.

Profound sincerity

Studio : SLOT

Juan Carlos Vidals

Co-founder and Managing Director at SLOT

His work is his search. He believes in the transgression as culture and uses the form as a revelation device.

His conceptual proposal focuses on the mathematical exploration of the space and the use of the extended sequentiality. His designs are always staking to the transformation and the organic integration of its parts.

Juan Carlos graduated from the UNAM-National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2002 and has worked in the LCM/Fernando Romero and collaborated with Rojkind Arquitectos in several projects.

The team

Human creatures in the search of sense
Guadalupe Alonso : SLOT

Guadalupe Alonso


José Moreno : SLOT

José Moreno

Project Manager

"Architecture is the art of conveniences."

Miguel Jiménez : SLOT

Miguel Jiménez

Design Manager

“Architecture is a series of intentional spatial experiences that recompose the meaning of human life.”

Miguel Izaguirre : SLOT

Miguel Izaguirre

Design Manager

"Architecture is the reflect of our culture."

Daniel Juárez : SLOT

Daniel Juárez

Senior Visualizer

“Architecture is experiential.”

Susana Montaño : SLOT

Susana Montaño

Resident Architect

"Architecture is the perfect balance between Imagination and Reason."

Daniel Benítez : SLOT

Daniel Benítez

Administration Head

“Architecture is Design.”

Leticia Hernández : SLOT

Leticia Hernández

Director Assistant

"Architecture is human intuition without the reason hurdle."

Alberto Bautista Che : SLOT

Alberto Bautista Che

Senior Landscape Architect

“Architecture is what we are. The spirit of a building.”

Carolina Arellano : SLOT

Carolina Arellano

Junior Landscape Architect

"Architecture is the art of shaping spaces for life development."

Romain Roy-Pinot : SLOT

Romain Roy-Pinot

Architect, Coordinator & Researcher

"Architecture is the opportunity to make daily life a smarter way to connect social and urban contexts."

Pablo García : SLOT

Pablo García

Editorial Advisor & Social Networks Coordinator

"Architecture is the promise of a less chaotic life."

Ana Laura Arista : SLOT

Ana Laura Arista

Junior Design Architect

Architecture is labor and action: it's culture, it's social.

Víctor Zúñiga : SLOT

Víctor Zúñiga

Junior Design Architect

"Architecture is the material evidence of the existence of a civilization."

Raquel Cruz : SLOT

Raquel Cruz

Junior Design Architect

"Architecture is the art of shaping an idea."

Carlos Martínez : SLOT

Carlos Martínez

Model Maker

"Architecture is the opportunity to make dreams become reality."

Emmanuelle Rosas : SLOT

Emmanuelle Rosas

Office Manager

We all have an animal power within:
to reveal it is to connect to one’s true self.