17 Oct 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

There is something almost fantastic, close to a steampunk tale, if you pay close attention: “Engineering Houses”. Is it a factory? An assembly line? Or even a fraction of an industrial estate? No, far from them, but very close to a territory imbued with humanity, determination and creativity. It could be also named as “Home of Labor”, for that matter.

A provocative and ideological stance give rise to that term. In our culture –still influenced by the symbolic remains of the 19th century– the notion of industry is associated with functionality and the brute density of materials. In most cities around the world, industry is segregated from civic life and pushed toward the edges of the cityscape. In light of the advent of “organic” high tech based on intuitive digital usability, SLOT takes a different approach. Driven by the conviction that industry and the human condition are inseparable, we infuse the industrial spaces we design with the global virtues of humanity’s creative instinct.

In terms of architectural procedure, the latter could sound vague. Nevertheless, it comes as a strong conviction: An industry that emphasises only productivity will build disposable structures without regard for their surroundings or the well-being of their employees. Producing isolation and alienation rather than community, such buildings are often clustered monstrosities in the geography. Instead, the relationship between the worker and the production process should always lie at the centre of building plans. This approach results in inspiring engineering houses.

We aim to create communities within these buildings.

Text: Pablo García
Graphic Design: Romain Roy-Pinot

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